The Themed Bachelor party – decide for you like!

Let your fantasy free! Your bachelor party should be one of moments in your life you will never forget. We have a really wide selection of adventures for you. We have a wide selection of themes you can live in for a few days. Thanks to them your party will be the party of the century. Do you want to be a pirate at the sea waves? Do you want to try fishing in the deep sea? What is better for you – visit a bird zoo or visit some strip bar? You can decide by your preferences, but it will be an adventure in any case. Let us show you what themes of parties we have in our portfolio for you!

Explore the lost paradise

Nature around Cartagena city is really wonderful! There are many small and bigger islands, you can visit on a bout with you friends. Or you can live on your private island too. You can explore the beauties of this Caribbean world, diving near corals, drinking on the white beach and enjoying the flavor of luxury. The Destinations we offer to visit is Santa Marta, Bora Bora, Islabela, Isla del Encanto and many more!


Just relax

We offer more activities which will help you to relax. Few types of massages for example, Thai massage, deep tissue massages and hot stone massage too. You can discover Cartagena with a guide too, to learn something about the history of this beautiful piece of the world. You can decide to visit the Volcano Tour and have a lot of fun with mud. You dreamed about it when you were a child, right? Let`s do it now! Or do you prefer to visit Aviario Nacional de Colombia and see many colorful birds? It depends just on you!


Music and drinks everywhere

If you just love to dance, we have a special offer for you here. You can visit one of the biggest electronic music festivals in the world – The Summer Fest Music Festival. If you plan a trip in January and love electronic music, it will be the best of your best decisions to visit this festival. Or you can decide for a Night club tour and visit some bars and clubs here in Cartagena at any time during the year.

Are you interested in our offer of the themed bachelor parties? Visit our website and let it get you inspirated yourself!

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